The Conversation We Must Get Tired Of (“Race Matters in the Classroom,” Wabash 2/12/2015)

Photo by Ted Lyddon-Hatten

In some ways it’s really simple. If we had genuinely multi-racial classrooms in the U.S. the challenge of race in those same rooms would be much less of one.


We so quickly find ourselves embroiled in an oh-so-familiar conversation when the pedagogical question becomes how to best teach race, privilege, U.S. religious history, ethics, and justice in the religion and theology classroom. How do we keep white students from shutting down?

I Took My Kids to the Protest (HuffingtonPost 1/6/2015)

Photo by Darriana Donegan

“Children don’t belong at protests.”


I’ve heard many perspectives on this issue in the years I’ve hovered around activist spaces. They all bounced around in my mind as I debated whether to take my own kids (ages 6 and 4) to one of the Des Moines protests after Darren Wilson was declared a free man despite killing Michael Brown.